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Wolfit The Pet Shop is a family business with shops in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge that was established over twenty five years ago and although it has changed over the years it has retained the ethos of the high street shop. One of the characteristics of the old High Street shop was the way every customer was treated as an individual and often well known to the staff of the shop. Wolfit sees this as being important and the staff still provide a friendly service always being prepared to give advice on the concerns of pet owners.

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Our customers told us about their likes and dislikes and what they wanted for their pets and to meet their needs we  introduced our own brand of premium dry dog food that contained only natural ingredients with no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.

In addition we stock the NutriRaw Food, Natural Instinct and the wet food NatureDiet that meet the same standards.

Wolfit Dog Food

Raw Dog Food

Wet Dog Food

For returning customers who know exactly what they want.

Although the heart of Wolfit is the provision of high quality natural products at a reasonable price  The Wolfit shops in Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge hold a large range of items for Dogs, Cats and Wild Birds.

We have our own quality mix of Wild Bird Seed and a selection of specially chosen individual Wild Bird Seeds and Wild Bird Food. Treats such as Fat Balls and Mealworms attract many wild birds.


Natural Remedies

We also stock a range of other items which conform to our customers desire to have natural products.


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Shopping with Wolfit

In addition to providing delivery with an Internet Carrier Wolfit also provides a Local Delivery Service with scheduled runs on Tuesday to Friday each week.

You can Click and  Collect from  our shops in Tunbridge Wells or Tonbridge during opening times from Monday to Saturday each week.

Natural Treats

Wild Bird Seed

Wild Bird Treats


Wolfit Extras


Wild Bird Feeders


For The Cat


Due to customer demand we have now included one of our best selling cat foods and best selling cat litter and a luxury cat bed.

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Dog Beds

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Wolfit has its own luxury range of Faux Fur Beds. All machine washable at 40 degrees.

We also have a  range of Feeders for Wild birds that enable you to choose one that matches the food and also is suitable for the birds you want to feed.