The Cold Pressed Story

Introducing the next thing in complete dog food, “Cold Pressed”. So whats it all about.

The best way to explain is looking at one of the leading brands “Wilsons”.

Cold Pressed is a dry dog food which is pressed at a lower temperature of 65 degrees Celsius compared to kibbled dry dog food which is extruded at a temperature of approximately 145 degrees Celsius.

High temperatures result in the destruction of proteins and complexing of starches (sugars) reducing digestibility and thus absorption within the gut. Cold pressing minimises the impact of temperature and produces a food with greater digestibility and nutritional value, up to 40% of the nutritional value can be lost in the extrusion process.

The lower temperatures used in the Cold Press process allows a greater range of raw materials to be considered when creating recipes. These include fragile herbs which have significant health benefits as they are sources of vitamins and antioxidants but cannot be used in traditional extruded product as they are almost entirely destroyed in the high temperatures of the extrusion process.


Extruded dog food absorbs liquid in the stomach and this can swell up to cause discomfort and bloating. Cold Pressed food breaks down much quicker allowing for improved digestion and absorption. This diet should also give your dog extra energy, healthier skin, shinier coat, better breath, and less shedding.