Naked Dog is an independent, family owned business creating raw meals especially for dogs.
We started the business because we’re lifelong dog lovers, passionate about giving dogs the best food possible. And that’s real, fresh food. Our journey started in the meat trade. For over 50 years, the same people behind Naked Dog have supplied the finest meat cuts for humans, not dogs, right across the length and breadth of the UK. It’s an achievement we’re very proud of. To have been in business for that length of time means we’ve consistently supplied high quality food, and we’ve built a strong reputation for being the experts in the industry.
We’ve established an unrivalled understanding of every part of the industry, from the finest suppliers and the nationwide distribution network, to the production processes we employ and the ingredients we use. Having spent so long working with meat, and having an enduring love for dogs, we started to think, why don’t dogs get the same standard of meat and the same high-quality food as humans? They’re part of the family and they deserve to eat just as well as we do. So Naked Dog was born. We create our food solely with a dog’s needs in mind. Nothing else.

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