Advice and Top Tips

Looking after a retired greyhound

Taken from HOMER the magazine of the RETIRED GREYHOUND TRUST. When racing, greyhounds are fed a high protein diet (more than 20%) which may be biscuit only, or may have raw or cooked meat, veg or bread added. It is generally soaked and fed quite sloppy, which may contribute to the poor condition of some greyhounds teeth. Retired hounds do not need a high protein diet and less than 20% is ideal. After re homing, as with any new pet, at first it is best to continue to feed them whatever they are used to and introduce any new diet gradually over... Read More

Tips for an Adult Dog

Animal charities are calling on owners to address their pets diets and prevent an obesity crisis among the nations dogs and cats. Battersea Vet Phil Robinson says: The amount a pet needs to eat depends on its breed, age and size, but as a rough indication, a small dog only needs about 350 calories a day while a cat is looking at about 280 calories. So a slice of toast is equal to a third of the dogs daily calories. Do not fall for those appealing eyes when you are eating your dinner, as your pet simply does not need your... Read More

Tips for Wild Birds

The first thing you need to consider is the type of bird you are looking to attract. They come in all sizes and different bird species that require and like different food. So the first step is to talk to friends and neighbours to see if they are feeding birds and which  birds they are attracting. If you would like some advice give our staff a call or drop into one of our two shops. Birds feed in different places. Some will only feed on the ground. A blackbird is a good example of this. Others feed from a bird table... Read More

Top Tips for owning a puppy

In the first couple of days, take your puppy to your vet for a check-up ask the vet to do nothing to your puppy except have a look at him, handle him gently and maybe even  give him treats. This is not the time for vaccinations, even if it means you have to come back in a couple of days time for that.  You do not want your puppies first visit to your vet to be anything other than positive. This is not just a health check , it is also a part of his socialisation and making sure that he... Read More