Bone Broth contains no artificial ingredients of any kind and can be stored frozen for up to 6 months (See best before date). For best results defrost refrigerated and use within 10 days of defrosting. To keep your product fresh, reseal bag after use and keep refrigerated.
Bone broth can be defrosted into smaller quantities and then immediately frozen for future use. When defrosting smaller quantities, use within 5 days of defrost, and never exceed the best before.

Simply mix Bone Broth with your pet’s normal feed, Bone Broth can be fed to all dogs regardless of age, size or level of exercise. For continued health support, Naked Dog recommends your dog be fed bone broth on a daily basis. Daily intake should be 50ml per day for a dog’s  wellbeing. For sick or recovering pets, we recommend you feed 500ml per day for 48 hours and do not feed any other food during this period.
This concentrated nourishment will aid recovery and support the digestive system.
Bone Broth is not a complete meal on its own, therefore add as a supplement

Bone Broth from Lamb.

Typical analysis
Moisture 68.5%, Protein 16.8%, Fat 9.6%, Ash 2.5%, Fibre 3.5%


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