Looking after a retired greyhound

Taken from HOMER the magazine of the RETIRED GREYHOUND TRUST.

When racing, greyhounds are fed a high protein diet (more than 20%) which may be biscuit only, or may have raw or cooked meat, veg or bread added. It is generally soaked and fed quite sloppy, which may contribute to the poor condition of some greyhounds teeth. Retired hounds do not need a high protein diet and less than 20% is ideal. After re homing, as with any new pet, at first it is best to continue to feed them whatever they are used to and introduce any new diet gradually over a period of days to avoid any tummy or bowel upsets. Start by mixing some of the new diet with the old, gradually increasing the former and decreasing the latter.

Feeding a retired Greyhound

We at Wolfit are often asked about feeding problems with a new pet or what to do when introducing a pet to a new food. The advice we give is very much the same as for the retired greyhound.

Avoiding a stomach upset is most important but you might also be faced with dogs likes and dislikes so it is a question of persuasion and patience with a little at a time.

Remember with Wolfit Own Brand your dog can have the choice of Lamb, Chicken or Duck.

The Duck  recipe is worth a try if your dog has a sensitive stomach or suffers from allergies.