British beef heart, green tripe & Liver (45%) British chicken with bone (40%) Butternut squash, Apples, Carrots, Spinach, Sea kelp, Scottish salmon oil ,Vitamin C


Moisture 68.8% Protein 15.00%, Fat 11.80%, Fibre 1.50%,  Calcium 0.70%, Phosphorus 0.50%, Sodium 0.10%, Inorganic Matter 2.80%

This is a very popular recipe made with tripe, beef offal and chicken it has been developed with working dogs in mind.

With added vitamin C this recipe helps support a healthy immune system and to maintain healthy ligaments and joints.

85% British Meats with bone.



Natural Instinct is different in that it is a raw food made from natural human grade ingredients sourced from DEFRA approved farms. Battery farm chickens or any intensively farmed animals are not used.

It is a frozen food which Wolfit stocks in 1kg packets in both shops. You will need to store it in a freezer.

When you take out a packet and, after defrosting, you cut off the amount you need for any particular day and store the remainder in a refrigerator. It will keep for a further five days.

You can pick it up from our shops in Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells or if it is more convenient and if you live within our local delivery area you can order online and we will deliver to you. You should check that you live within our local delivery area and the delivery schedule is convenient for you before you place an order.

Guide to daily feed

The general rule is that a dog should eat 2-3% of its body weight per day. For example a dog that weighs 10kg should eat roughly 200g of food per day).

Set out below are guide lines to indicate the amount of Natural Instinct food an average active dog should eat per day.

Toy, i.e. Yorkie (Adult Weight 4.5kg) –  100g

Small, i.e. Westie (Adult Weight 4.5kg to 11.5kg)  – 200g to 300g

Medium, i.e. Spaniel (Adult Weight 11.5kg to 22.5kg) – 300g to 400g

Large, i.e. Labrador (Adult Weight 22.5kg to 34kg) – 500g to 700g

Giant, i.e. Mastic (Adult Weight over 34kg) –  700g+



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